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In the majority of states*, your open enrollment will begin six months before the first day of your 65th birth month. This is when your Medicare Supplement application can be submitted. You can, however, begin researching potential plans and carriers even earlier. In fact, it is highly recommended that you do in order to gain a full working knowledge of Medicare and your potential secondary insurance options prior to making any decisions.

*Connecticut and Wisconsin Residents: Your Medicare Supplement enrollment period begins three months before your 65th birth month. However, you can and should begin your research earlier. 

We are a family-owned insurance brokerage who specializes in meeting the healthcare needs of seniors. We offer services and support nationwide and we specialize in Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans.

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The larger scale of our business allows us to offer support services that may not be available with an individual agent. We have a full customer service team that is available to answer any questions or meet your needs, on your schedule. When you work with an individual agent, or one who makes “house-calls,” they may have a pressing schedule and often have trouble fitting in previous clients when they have follow-up questions and needs. We have agents licensed in 48 states, so we are more than able to accommodate the ongoing needs of all of our clients, on a national scale. At times, working with a local agent can also be a hindrance as they may not have access to the full scope of plans and carriers that a national-level agency does. 

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Prior to mailing you information, we need to determine what your best options are. Healthcare is not one-size-fits-all, so we begin with a preliminary conversation that allows our licensed agents to gauge the benefits that will best serve you. We also like to make sure our clients are well-informed regarding the coverage offered by Medicare itself. This information is never included in policy documents, so our agents are trained to explain this in full detail. Once you have an understanding of Medicare and we have determined what plans are available to you and will best fit your needs, the carrier will mail you any pertinent policy information.

We work with numerous plans and carriers, so the cost will vary based on your needs and the state and county where you live. We will help you determine the best plan and carrier to meet those needs. Once we accomplish that, we can go over the rates in full detail.

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